Happy New Year

As my daughter in the picture says, if you have been reading Ouchmytoe, we guarantee a Happy New Year and not just wish you. That`s why I thought we needed an article on ‘Happy New Year` was/is/will be celebrated. Rekha and I had celebrated 2006`s New Year`s Eve by venturing out in the dark (an …

Don’t worry about the end result

Lord Krishna`s Gita might be a Hindu book (or a girl next door), but I am sure all religions suggest that one should just work and not worry about the result. And what`s the first thing we teach our kids? “Don`t cry baby, I will give you a chocolate.” Here, isn`t the chocolate the end …

Study Reveals Why Monkeys Shout During Sex

Research reveals that female monkeys shout during sex to help their male partners climax. Helpful ladies, one must say. According to the research a type of monkey – Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) almost never ejaculated when the ladies were not loud. Man…I am so glad this isn`t true for we humans. The Human race would …

Buying a Microwave oven

Yesterday, we bought a microwave oven! Yes, sixty-two years after the technology was invented, sixty-one years after it was patented and sixty years after the first microwaves hit the market….we bought one for ourselves. I know…we haven’t really been keeping up with the Jones…but then, in India…isn’t it about keeping up with the Agarwals? This article is a must read if you own a microwave oven or you don’t!

Father vs mother

In the last few days Rekha and I have been on warpath. Domestic terrorism, if you want to call it so. Being the mother that she is, she has been trying to get my daughter to say ‘amma.’ In case you didn’t know…‘amma’ in Tamil means mother. That wouldn’t be much of an issue if I wasn’t trying to get my daughter to say ‘appa’ at the earliest. By the way, ‘appa’ means father in Tamil.

Photographers – the lucky ones

Some photographers have a good time at work. Ask Shashwat Nagpal, a photographer first and then a colleague of mine (View his awesome pics here). Not just Shashwat, other photographers also have a great time. The other day I was waiting for my passport photograph to be taken at a studio, and I heard a …

Chak De Girls on Ibibo

Ibibo Web Pvt Limited has another Indian first to its credit. Ibibo becomes the first Indian internet company to integrate applications (a la Facebook, if you know what I mean) into its Social Networking platform. And guess who helped in building it? Yours sincerely! It was quite a learning experience, because there never can be …

Dry fish, deep fried

In my office we have a colleague called Victor. Most in the office call him ‘dry fish’ because he has no life and no juice….but somehow I don’t agree to him being called by that name because I love ‘dry fish’!

Irony: Writing About Freedom of Speech

Funny, I have to be ‘writing’ about the freedom of speech. I am doing so because if I speak this out, people will identify and bump me off as another fundamentalist….some day I am late from office. This post is about Taslima Nasreen…and my attempt to find out if she is right or wrong. As always, I don’t arrive at a decision.