Growth Pangs – for a 30+ man

My mother always said that I had a million dollar look. I doubted her till I was tall enough to see in the small mirror mounted on our bathroom`s wall. After I saw myself in the mirror, my trust in my mother increased a million times. “She has taste”, I told myself. It has been …

Want to be linked from

Here is what you have to do: Write this information down – Your Blog Title: Your Blog URL: Your Blog Description (in a line or two): E-mail the above info to my gmail ID before 30th Aug, 2008 (Saturday). Would be great if you can spread the word, so that maximum bloggers can benefit …

When the Rajasthan Govt gifted me a camel

I realized just now that I have been blogging for the last five years. Damn! This itself deserves a blog post. Another humor blogging biggie Great Bong celebrated his fourth year in blogging recently. Unfortunately, I am still suffering from the writer`s block that`s been plaguing me for the last one month. So here goes …

Making a spectacle of oneself

I have been wearing glasses (not the whiskey ones) since I was in grade one. As proof I even have a mark on the bridge of my nose. Being a south Indian, I am proud to tell you that I share this so called ‘mark’ with a Superstar called Rajinikanth! Anyway, this post isn’t about me sharing a mark with the Superstar…but about this sudden urge in me to shift to contacts.

I am looking for blog ideas – please help!

I can blame work at office, plain laziness or perhaps the non-exciting life I am living right now. I haven’t been able to point at the right thing….but it is a fact that writing has become a chore. Need your help to tide over this crisis. Request you to give me topics to write on. Please leave a comment…and I expect your interest and interesting topics to get me into the writing mode again.

When I wanted to become a suicide bomber

Suicide bombing hadn’t yet become a career option – the middle classes still wanted their children to become an Engineer, a Doctor or a Collector. I decided to become a Collector, because I didn’t like what the only Engineer & Doctor I knew did for a living – the former was always flirting with the brick carrying lady while the latter preferred the nurse. I know, I was only 14 years old then…but you got to agree that we Rajans have that special something to spot a flirt.