Bhoot and A Beautiful Mind

Ram Gopal Varma has spoiled my life. Fortunately, Ron Howard has improved it a bit.

Well, Ram Gopal Varma is the director of the Hindi movie Bhoot. And Ron Howard directed the Oscar winning English movie – A Beautiful Mind. Still confused? Let me explain.

A fortnight back I had seen this amazing horror movie called Bhoot. The movie was nice, and screenplay even better, and to tell you the truth, Urmila was the best part of the movie.

Her glances, her stares even her blinking of the eye….my my….I would never be wed to a girl as scary as her.

Anyways, to cut the long story short, I saw the movie, and returned home. Now, I stay alone in my house, and this meant I started seeing Manjeet (a Punjabi girl, who is wronged by Fardeen Khan in Bhoot) and sometimes even Urmila.

When I cooked, when I washed…even when I read, I could feel a shadow right behind me. It was scary business.

I sought advice from friends like Rekha & Kennedi …but to no avail.

This meant I started spending less and less time in my house, and whenever I went there, I saw these apparitions.

And then, it happened one day… without my knowledge. I saw Manjeet looking at me as I was having my dinner, but I just ignored her. I kept on eating.

Guess what, I was turning into John Nash (played by Russel Crowe in the English movie – A Beautiful Mind).

Remember the movie? Where Russel Crowe would see characters that didnot exist, but would learn to live with them.

Even as I write this, I can see Manjeet sitting my side. She is looking at the TV….I think it is a promo for Bhoot on MTV. …….



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