Google Romance – beta version

I am at least 20 days late. Late for what? Read on and you will find out.

Apparently, Google has started a service called Google Romance. Currently in the beta stage, it is likely to go live after the first round of bug corrections are done.

According to Google, this service will use cutting-edge personal search algorithms to help you find your soul-mate, and then sponsor your first Contextual Date with said soulmate-to-be in exchange for showing you highly relevant advertising that just might help Cupid’s arrow find its mark.

Does it really work? Ask Google`s internal beta testers — if you can find them. How often have you met somebody who works for Google?

After I came to know about this dating service by Google I have become their sworn enemy. Couldn`t they have come up with something like this before September 8, 2004? That was the day I married Rekha!

OK, don`t get carried away. It was their 2006 April fool prank. Now you know why I said I was at least 20 days late 😉

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