My preferences in life

I was just wondering what my preferences in life were. Do I have any opinions? Do I have any tastes? Do I have stands? Surprisingly, I have none.

This rules me out of the race for Mahatma of this century. And Gandhi wins, hands down.

How could somebody with no tastes, opinions and stands in life ever become popular?

I have no favorite food…though when I was a kid I used to like Milk Maid. And akhrod. I have no favorite cars, and that`s why have never bought one till now. I have no favorite foreign country and that is why never decided on out-of-India honeymoon. I don`t have a favorite place to stop and smoke, thus end up smoking at all places.

As for opinions, I don`t care who rules the world. I think it is Aurangazeb now. Or is he dead, and it is his son Sher Shah Suri?

When Bush and Kerry were running from pillar to post trying to seduce people, I never got seduced. I stood still…for I did not care who the President of US of A. was

Everybody has an opinion on everybody…but somehow I don`t. Perhaps, that is why I don`t like you.

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  • I think nothing of the guy who learns to ride a bi-cycle when he is in college…maybe because I also did the same. Neither do I have an opinion on the cat that spills milk in my kitchen. Maybe, because I suspect it is Rekha.

    And as for my stands…I have none. Even removed the one on my Yamaha, and now have to lean it against a wall or a tree.

    “Would you want to come for a drink tonight….?” A normal man`s response would be …where, when, how…but for me it is a simple: “Yeah sure.”

    When Rekha asks me to empty the dustbin, I have no stand…I just go and empty it.

    But the thing is I am happy. Except for the fact that I need some money, and need a vacation, need some friends, need some good colleagues and need some good food. Otherwise, I am happy.

    Does the fact that, I have no tastes, opinions or stands make me a robot? I guess, I shoud not be writing all this here …coz if Sony officials notice this, they might buy me off from Rekha for research on Artificial Intelligence. Pity, they would be disappointed at not finding intelligence.

    But after reading this far…do you think Sony officials would be disappointed at not finding intelligence? I don`t think so.

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