Some number crunching

All of a sudden I realized I have been blogging for more than a year now. Guess, it was time for some stock taking. Just when I had given hope, I realized that Go Stats could provide me with the information. For those who do not know how many people visit their blogs..or from where they come, I suggest they take a looksie at the site.

As for my blogging progress…looks like I really turned the corner when my blog was showcased on the Hot Sizzling Blogs section of Rediff in May.

In the graph, the black worm depicts the Unique Visitors the blog as had and the white worm depicts the total pages viewed. Needless to say, the X-axis (horizontal) shows the time-line while the Y-axis (vertical) gives the numbers.

Also, the site has been re-designed. Please do give your feedback.

This table line-graph was done in Excel. And Excel can be learnt here.

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