I am looking for blog ideas – please help!

I can blame work at office, plain laziness or perhaps the non-exciting life I am living right now. I haven`t been able to point at the right thing….but it is a fact that writing has become a chore. Need your help to tide over this crisis. Request you to give me topics to write on. Please leave a comment…and I expect your interest and interesting topics to get me into the writing mode again.

15 thoughts on “I am looking for blog ideas – please help!

  1. hey
    y’day,in the course of my discussions with my prof regarding my dissert on web 2.0,i was trying to make him understand u were a force to be reckoned with in web 2.0 😛
    i mean it seriously 🙂

    but do you see the irony…you,amit and aadisht have arrived in the consideration set of disserts 😛

    even worse,the prof had never heard of you though he knew your editor 😛

    you may delete this comment if you want to 🙂

  2. i was thinking of writing on a topic today morning but time constrain is not allowing me to do so.

    The topic is “Me and My Mood Swings” hope you must have faced the same thing when you are with “Species of opposite sex” so lets see if you have made them feel the same way or not?

  3. Hi,
    I like reading some of your blogs which could really interest me.

    I could suggest you writing on the wommen in train…if you want i could help you with some great ideas.


  4. Hey,If u r not getting any ideas then write some serious stuff like some success story of a Gold Medalist or some person who was able to complete his PG in remote countries like Kenya,some politician story etc…or atleast write something u see in colony or apartment secretary..U have many things…

  5. Jammy:

    In a country with poli’tricks’ and cricket, how can you run out of ideas? I think you can write multiple volumes of books on these two topics alone.


  6. Hi,

    Been reading your blog for a while. If you’ve started taking writing as a “chore” better drop it for a while, say, 15-20 days (more). Forget you have a blog and that you have to “write”. I’m sure that after a break you’d come back with a bang.

    After all, the most important reader you need to satisfy, is you. 🙂

  7. men in lift ….

    u wont write against them but u will understand when some one close to yr heart complains how she reached the 20th floor

  8. *Sex Education in India* –
    One politician in Maharashtra said ” People will find themselves what to do in bed…we dont have to teach them” – and continued” Who teaches animals to have sex”……is that what they think sex education is?!

  9. have ur say on managers…………… ur time is ticking 😉

    I’d like to copy ur critisism to my manager and make him feel how sick one can be as a MANAGER !!!!

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