Vikram Nandwani – at Point Blank range

I was once in love with a girl whose second name was Punjwani. Since she already had a boy friend the affair was brief – so short that I don`t even remember her first name.

Having once loved a Punjwani…it is only right that the second blog Ouchmytoe recommends is Point Blank of Vikram Nandwani (if you still don`t get it…Punjwani and Nandwani rhyme).

Vikram is a Birmingham based cartoonist (wonder if he likes to be called that) and comes up with some intelligent, colorful cartoons. I find them more convincing because most single frame cartoons I have been exposed to are black & white.

Right now he is busy saving the tigers but when he isn`t fighting for the stripes, he uses Adobe Illustrator to create some awesome cartoons. Random sample given below. For more, click here.


4 thoughts on “Vikram Nandwani – at Point Blank range

  1. Haven’t checked it yet.
    One que: Why don’t you reply to the comments??

    It was nice to read the comments sections and ur replies to those comments…

  2. heh. this one hit home. and happy budday to the wife.
    Ps: yes this is the uma from itgo, rediff and now mih. *grumble* every third person is called uma i tell you 🙁

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