Rekha, Happy Valentine’s Day!

[This poem has been written for Rekha. All those girls who read this and think it is for them, please excuse me…believe it or not…my Valentine this year is my wife.]

Rekha, even as you sleep,
I sit before the comp,
Feeling my heart beep.

It has been ages I wrote a poem,
But I guess, the time has come,
To write one for my chum.

If I had the time and money,
I would have showered you with gifts,
And not delivered these ‘wordly` lifts.

Remember, you have my wallet,
And I only have Rs fifty.
Your father, by the way, is also thrifty.

Had it not been for your father`s thrift,
I would have bought you a Maruti Swift,
I hope you get the drift.

If only I had 32 lakhs,
I would have bought you a house.
One without mosquitoes & mouse!

If only they had a market,
Where they sold a child,
I bet you would have smiled.

In office,
By the time you read this verse,
I would have man-handled your purse.

Thus, a Valentine`s Day gift is assured.
Rekha, I love you…
The poem is over. Phew!


One thought on “Rekha, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. malayalam ariyo nnu ariyillya. pakshe kanditt oru malayali anu nnu thonnunu.
    nalla narmma bodham. ippaduthonnum ingane oru blog vaychittilya. enthayalum, inim visit-am..
    Durga Nandan

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