A tribute to my father in law

The last 14 months my father in law and mother in law have been living with us. My father in law was undergoing treatment at Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon for cancer in his Oesophagus. He gave it his best shot….but didn’t quite make it. We gave it our best shot, but again didn’t quite make it happen for him. He passed away at Artemis Hospital, at 5.32 pm on 20 September.

achaAs was his last request, we flew him to Kerala (unfortunately, in a coffin) and had him cremated on 22 September.

I admired the guy. Both Rekha and I agree – if we are half as good as he was in brining up his children….we would have done our duty towards Rhea, our daughter.

How else does a writer pay tribute….but by writing. So sharing here a few posts that were centered around my father in law.

# My association with Mr Chandrashekaran Nair, Engineer, Kerala Govt started when he handed me the sacred thread to tie around his daughter’s neck. No actually, that would be a lie….I had met him a few months before when he along with a few of his relatives had visited Madurai to meet my parents. He could have refused to the marriage, but didn’t. See pictures of our marriage.

# When my in-laws visited us for the first time after marriage, and I was supposed to pick them up at the railway station, these were Rekha’s instructions: “Make sure my parents don`t have to wait. They don`t know our address, they don`t remember phone numbers and they don`t know Tamil.” Read More about their first visit

# My father in law was the Treasurer & General Secretary of the Sri Annapoorneshwari temple in Cherukunnu, Kerala….thus a popular man. As a result whenever I visited their home I couldn’t smoke or drink. I couldn’t drink because Rekha said that would be disrespectful of her father and I couldn’t try it outside because if I did the informers would reach home before I did. Read more about my plight whenever I travelled to Rekha’s house.

# After spending some time with my father in law, I realized that there are different types. I have tried to list them all here. Though, I found it difficult to typecast my man. Read about the types of fathers in laws

# Whenever I visit my father in law’s house in Cherrukunnu, Kerala I meet a new organism in his washroom. This time it was a big, wet frog. Have detailed it in this post. Whats NOT funny is that nobody in my in laws family is worried about these creatures in their washrooms. Read more about the frog in my father in law’s washroom

# Know what happened when my wife gifted her father a mobile? It lead to a fight between the son in law and the father in law. To know why, check out why my father in law didn’t get any calls on his mobile

# My father in law and I had regular fights over who was supreme – the Tamilians or the Malayalees. It always ended with Rekha emerging from behind the scenes and giving me a stare. Read about one such fight

# My father in law and mother in law braved the Delhi cold in cotton clothes. This really made life difficult for me because I couldn’t get the water heated for bathing without being jeered at. And many more such uncomfortable instances. Read about how my in laws braved the Delhi winter


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