What if I were an egg

Sometimes…I wonder what would have happened if I were born in a poultry. Would I have been a human or a chick? What if I had been a chick…not the ‘pretty-chick` kind of chick…but the egg-laying kind.

Guess, I would have just decorated the wire cage in a chicken stall until it was my time to decorate Sunday`s lunch plate.

But what if I were left to be an egg…perhaps…to decorate a Monday morning breakfast plate. Would my brothers and sisters worry about me when I became an omelet? Maybe. Maybe not.

Here is a visual on what might happen if I were born a chick and left to be an egg….

THE BLOGGERS MEET – PART TWO is being withheld by the censors. To be released shortly.  

3 thoughts on “What if I were an egg

  1. I understood the intended meaning…
    Ppl who find it just hillarious without any meaning, pls do read it again… Good work Jammy 🙂


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