Root beds in after ‘daunting’ start

Joe Root endured an unfortunate start to his first senior England appearance a few weeks ago. Root, who already looked as if he might have difficulty being served in a bar in London, turned up in an England blazer that, he reckons, was six or seven sizes too big for him. It did nothing to alleviate the impression that this tour had come a year or two early for him. “It felt like I was wearing Chris Tremlett’s blazer,” Root said. “It was good fun, though, as it was a nice ice-breaker for the rest of the side to get to know me.”

Root, 21 years old, is certainly fresh faced. But it would be wrong to read too much into that. After all, Alastair Cook and Sachin Tendulkar hardly looked like grisly old pros when they started. Sometimes a youthful face can hide a steely interior. Besides, you wonder if Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting might swap all those runs, all those centuries and all that success to be where Root finds himself right now: at the start of the journey. Read more