India beat Australia in opening match of T20 World Cup for blind

They are visually impaired, but don’t have a problem in ‘seeing’ or hearing the ball to hit it for a boundary or loft it for a six or running singles or twos between the wickets.

In a dramatic opening match of the T20 World Cup for blind Sunday, India beat Australia by 215 runs in the 20-over format at the Central College grounds in the city centre here.

In other three matches played during the day, Pakistan beat England by 167 runs; Sri Lanka defeated South Africa by seven wickets and Nepal beat Bangladesh by nine wickets.

Nine countries — Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies — are playing in the 12-day tournament that will have two semi-finals Dec 12 and a final Dec 13 after 39 matches over the next 10 days.Read more
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