Cold India, hot Pakistan, chilly Delhi

Match facts
January 6, 2012
Start time 1200 (0630 GMT)

Big Picture
India couldn’t have chosen a better venue for the last ODI of the series. It is cold in Delhi. In the morning, there is fog. In the afternoon, light doesn’t stay. A bit like the Indian cricket team right now, caught in the winter, looking desperately for that small window between fog and fading light.

This winter has gone on for too long, though. It all began in the West Indies last year when they aborted a chase, and now almost every week they lose another bit of the remaining pride. Test series in England and Australia: lost. CB Series and Asia Cup: not even close to finals. World Twenty20: didn’t even try to make the next round. Then came a home Test series loss to England. And now they are staring at only their second whitewash in a home ODI series, the first since 1983-84. If India lose in Delhi, all they will have left to cherish is bilateral ODI series in Sri Lanka and the fact that an Indian team is always going to win the IPL.Read more
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