Gambhir admits run out error

Virender Sehwag’s run-out says a lot about the tentativeness and lack of confidence India currently afflicting India. They had got off to a solid start, were 47 for 0 after 10 overs, when their most positive batsman had just played a lovely whip off the pads, the deep square-leg fielder had to run a long way to his left and dive to keep the ball from reaching the midwicket boundary, and yet Sehwag’s partner didn’t want to take a third run. Mistakes happen in cricket, but Gautam Gambhir’s explanation for what happened said a lot about the team’s mindset.

“I thought that was not the situation to take the third run, a risky run,” Gambhir said. “I was watching the ball, and I was thinking it was in his hand, I thought rather than taking the arm on… The ball was in his hand, taking the run on the throw was dicey. After watching the replay I realised the third run was on, but we were thinking that the kind of situation we were in, it was not important that we go for a [un]necessary risky run.” Read more