Tendulkar’s 76 oils off some rust

The first 28 runs took 76, the next 22 just 23, and after an early cup of tea at 2 p.m., Sachin Tendulkar looked to be on auto pilot. But just when the fans sank deeper into their chairs, there was a snap sound. Tendulkar c Prior b Anderson 76.

A back-foot punch through the covers by Tendulkar gives you the “Aah! The touch is back” feeling. So it did today until that should-I-or-should-I-not drive off a hostile James Anderson resulted in an edge and into the mitt of a diving Matt Prior. The head went down and the feet changed direction towards the dressing room.

The day that began with three-quarters empty Eden Gardens had more buzz by evening in anticipation of a Tendulkar hundred, after the initial grind started taking shape of dominance by tea with Tendulkar on 46*. Read more
Courtesy : cricketnext.in.com

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