India batsmen ‘not an embarrassment’ – Sehwag

Virender Sehwag has called for more patience from India’s batsmen, which they can learn from their England counterparts, but he knows it can only help them in the upcoming matches. About this Test, he merely stated he wasn’t an atheist. “We have to work hard in the next game,” he said. “We are still fighting. Hopefully something happens tomorrow and we can save the match, but I… only god can help us.”

In his press conference, Sehwag said at least three times that the batsmen lacked patience. Asked if it was embarrassing that a No. 8, R Ashwin, made batting look easier than the specialist batsmen, Sehwag said: “It’s not embarrassment. He is also part of our team. He is a good player. He knows how to score runs and how to survive. Depends on an individual to individual. My batting style is different, and others are different, and Ashwin’s is different. If you apply yourself on that wicket, it’s not difficult to score runs. Read more
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