‘Don’t respect Tendulkar too much’ – Anderson

James Anderson, the England fast bowler, has asked his team-mates to watch against admiring Sachin Tendulkar too much because that can sometimes “dull the competitive edge”. “There is no question in my mind that he has been one of the best batsmen — if not the best — for 20-odd years,” Anderson wrote in his column in Daily Mail. “But we have to make sure we do not treat him with too much respect in the middle.”

Anderson is no rookie when it comes to bowling to Tendulkar. He has squared up against Tendulkar in 19 Test innings and has dismissed him seven times for 207 runs. In his column, he wrote about an Andrew Flintoff anecdote, which according to him sums up the feeling when competing against Tendulkar. “I heard an interesting quote from Freddie Flintoff recently about what it felt like to bowl against Sachin,” he wrote. “He said: ‘I wanted to get him out, for sure. But I wanted to earn his respect as well. I wanted to impress him.’ It almost sounded like Freddie was looking for the Tendulkar seal of approval.” Read more