England players ‘substantially underpaid’ – PCA

England players are “substantially underpaid” and require far greater compensation for missing out on the riches available in T20 leagues around the world, according to the chief executive of the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA), the players’ union.

Angus Porter is one of the key men charged with negotiating England’s central contracts and he feels there is a chasm to be bridged before the players and the ECB can agree the next deal. The new contracts are due to be issued in October.

England’s busy schedule is one key area of concern. With the international team playing cricket almost the whole way around the calendar, the opportunities available to England players to participate in the various domestic T20 leagues springing up around the world are sharply curtailed. As a result, according to Porter, their payment lags far behind their opposite numbers from other countries. Read more
Courtesy :www.espncricinfo.com