Will the wily MS Dhoni return against Australia?

Once your rise to fame becomes vertical, crisis- when it arrives – it seems unnatural. In MS Dhoni’s case, the statement is strictly true, and it’s time the Indian skipper washes his inglorious recent Test record with a blast from the celebrated past – against Australia.

Count this: ICC World Twenty20, ICC Test mace, ODI World Cup, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, part of an ICC World ODI XI for four straight years, ICC ODI Player of Year in 2008 and 2009 – all this and much more in a matter of 8 years since bursting on the international scene in 2004 with henna-coloured hair.

From his chic hairstyles since then to moves that took the wind out of India’s opponents, everything Dhoni did became an instant hit. But what brewed on the backburner during that period was served hot in the English summer of 2011 – and the blisters haven’t healed since. Read more
Courtesy : ibnlive.in.com

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