Dharamsala set for international debut

Match facts
January 27, 2013
Start time 0930 (0400 GMT)

Big Picture
The cold and tranquil surroundings of the hill resort of Dharamsala are set to be abuzz with the clamour of international cricket. The curious choice of the newest entrant on the international cricketing map in peak winter has generated considerable interest, but snow is unlikely to make an appearance. The series having been decided in Mohali, it’s not surprising that cricket-talk has taken a backseat with players taking time out for sightseeing. However, the peaks around the picturesque valley stand tall as a constant reminder of heights the two teams haven’t been able to scale with their cricket.

India have had a topsy-turvy time in the last three months, but the win has come as respite from the losses they endured in the Test series and the ODIs against Pakistan. While have at least a semblance of answers to questions pertaining to the middle order, bowling, fielding and, to some extent, Rohit Sharma’s role, others – for example, Ajinkya Rahane and Gautam Gambhir – remain unanswered. A win here at least would keep the detractors relatively quiet for now. Read more
Courtesy :www.espncricinfo.com