Jamshed V Rajan’s
Why Giraffes Have Long Necks and Other Stories

Inspirational moral stories for students four to eight years old
Be it kids in kindergarten or kids in the early grades, these short stories with animals and plants will help inspire and yet instill moral values in the child.


why-giraffes_website_white_borderJamshed V Rajan and Sendhil Kumaran L have teamed up to create a collection of ten inspirational short stories for children based on animals, insects and vegetables. Each story ends with a moral, which besides instilling value also inspires the child.

The short stories give wild and wacky reasons for why things are the way they are. These stories are especially written keeping in mind kindergarten kids and kids in early classes or grades. We can assure you that they will love the stories and the characters in them.

Inspirational moral stories in this kids’ book

# Why do giraffes have long necks?
# Why are beetroots red?
# Why do porcupines have quills?
# Why onions have layers and layers of skin?
# Why do zebras have black and white stripes?
# Why do tortoises carry their homes on their back?
# Why do mushrooms look like umbrellas?
# Why do roosters crow early in the morning?
# Why do kangaroo babies live in pouches?
# Why oh why are butterflies so beautiful?

Each of these stories come with illustrations. These amazing illustrations transport you to the very spot where the story takes place.

Let your child’s imagination run loose. Make them read this book now!

This is the first book of the The Y Series. If you want to explore the second book of this series try out Why Pigs Have Curly Tails and Other Stories.

Illustrations used in these inspirational moral stories

These illustrations work best for kindergarten students and students of the early grades