Jamshed V Rajan’s Alien Troops Stop Human Poop

This science fiction adventure novel is the first book in the "Rhea's Summer Adventures" series. In the book 12-year-old Rhea and her grandma save the World from a bunch of aliens about to settle down on Earth. Perfect for 8 to 15 year old boys & girls.

alien-troops-stop-human-poopWhen Alien Troops Stop Human Poop is the first book in the series ‘Rhea’s Summer Adventures.’ The book is targeted at children between eight and fifteen years old. You will love the exploits of Rhea, an adventurous girl who saves planet Earth from dangerous aliens, so don’t stand back. Grab your copy now!

——-The Story Line —–

There’s no water on the planet Polonium, so its people are searching for another planet to settle in. They identify Earth as a potential future home, but how do they occupy it without first killing all the humans living there?

Four Polonese commandos are sent to Earth to take over the planet. The first person they meet is a 12-year-old girl called Rhea.

Though she is scared, Rhea understands that she must save Earth from the Polonese aliens. Since she is staying with her grandma for the summer, she decides to seek Grandma’s help.

To convince the aliens that they are talking to the right people on Earth, Rhea tells them that she is a princess and her grandma is the Queen of Earth. Rhea and her grandma convince the aliens that human beings are very strong and can’t be won over easily. Eventually, the aliens start believing that humans can’t be killed with bullets or bombs and are ready to give up.

Before the aliens leave, Grandma offers them tea, the drink of friendship. While they talk over tea, Grandma casually remarks that she’d die if she didn’t poop for a few days.

The aliens decide to use this human weakness and defeat Earth. They mix Poop-O-Stop tablets in all the rivers of Earth to constipate human beings. Within months, nobody on Earth can poop.

Since nobody can poop, everybody is always farting. Earth becomes a dirty, smelly place. Everybody struggles to live a life without pooping.

In all the commotion Rhea becomes the only contact with the aliens. All the world leaders come to her for advice on what their strategy should be.

Will the world leaders go by Rhea’s advice? Do the Polonese give up and leave Earth alone? Do Rhea and her grandma manage to get the antidote for Poop-O-Stop? Will humans ever poop again? Find out when you get your copy today!

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