Jamshed V Rajan’s
Why Pigs Have Curly Tails and Other Stories

Moral stories to teach values to kids(for 4-8 year olds)
Be it kids in school or kids yet to go to school, these short stories featuring animals, plants and insects will help you teach or impart values to your child.


    why_pigs_have_curly_tails_bigJamshed V Rajan and Sendhil Kumaran L have again teamed up to create this second book in The Y Series. This book is a collection of ten short stories with morals for students and kids yet to join school. These stories are based in the fantasy World where animals, plants and insects can talk.

    In these rides of imagination, the short moral stories give wild and wacky reasons for why things are the way they are. Each short story ends with a moral, which your child can learn. As a parent or grandparent after reading the book to the child, you can elaborate on the moral for a better impact.

    Stories imparting values in this kid’s book

    # Why do pigs have curly tails?
    # Why do bears love honey so much?
    # Why are polar bears white?
    # Why do bulls and cows have horns?
    # Why is Broccoli shaped like a tree?
    # Why do hippos love water so much?
    # Why do cheetahs have spots?
    # Why do spiders have eight legs?
    # Why is a parrot green?
    # Why is a dragonfly named after a dragon?

    Each of these stories come with amazing illustrations. Using the illustrations, the illustrator has attempted to transport the reader to the very spot where the story takes place.

    Let your child’s imagination run loose. Have them read this book now!

    This children’s book is second in the “The Y Series” and more are coming soon. If you haven’t bought the first book of this series, do take a look at Why Giraffes have Long Necks and Other Stories