Types of Friends

It is said that if one wants to know his/her true friends one should get a Sales job. Very true. I have heard it from everybody I have worked with….so must be true. This is one of the things for which you can’t rely on hearing it from the horse’s mouth – who has ever heard a true statement from a sales guy?

Friends are of two types – the Jewelry Type and the Clothes Type.

The Clothes Type friends lose color, fade away, grow small etc with time. While the Jewelry type friends remain inert…they don’t react…don’t age. They don’t lose color, fade…in short you don’t out grow them.

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  1. Are things so black and white? Naah… not really!

    Why do we keep some of our clothes in trunks with mothballs, then? For years and years? Baby clothes, clothes we are particularly fond of, or those which have memories associated with them?

    And you forget costume jewellery 🙂

    So it’s not really 2 distinct categories, but an entire spectrum…

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