Funniest sports quotes ever by sportspersons and coaches

Sports is a funny business. Call it the pressure of performing in front of a mike or the stupidity of sportsmen and women who have focused ONLY on their sport all their life to reach the highest level of professionalism ….but stupid and funny quotes are quite a common phenomenon. It cuts across all sports, […]

Top ten ‘Abki baar Modi sarkar’ jokes which will make you laugh

[mnky_ads id=”5202″] We all love Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is the best collection of “Abki Baar Modi Sarkar” jokes collected from all over. Kya aap karte hain biwi se pyaar? “Abki baar Modi sarkar” +++++++++ Congress kyon loote baar baar “Abki baar Modi sarkar” +++++++++ Alok Nath sikhayenge humey sanskar “Abki baar Modi […]

Top sex…oops…top six Rakhi Sawant jokes

Who doesn’t love Rakhi Sawant? If you don’t know Ms Rakhi Sawant, don’t worry for these Rakhi Sawant jokes can be enjoyed even if you don’t know her. And if you are really keen in knowing Rakhi Sawant before checking out her jokes, I suggest you check out Wikipedia’s link on her – Rakhi on […]