Get Ahead: Are you a smart shopper?

An Interview

Playing for fame won’t help: Geet Sethi

An offbeat article

On why I am a responsible drinker

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Wilson Jones – the trend setter
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Articles written on the fly during the World Cup

Pouring rain may soak Indian confidence
Law of averages catching up with Aussies?
India to have it easy at Super Six
Will spinners come good in South Africa?

Articles on evolution of cricket

Stumped alright!
HawkEye – umpires beware!
Helmets – taking them head on
Cricket – a fashionable sport alright
On Air: The 90s Brat Pack
Cricket bats and their origin
Commentators – good, bad, ugly

Three articles that talk on how cricket is played in these countries

West Indies – at a leisure pace
Pakistan – pent up aggression
New Zealand – playing the hard way

Written for, a matrimonial website, during the World Cup 2003

Lillee & Thomson – speed kings
Greenidge & Haynes: special chemistry
Waqar & Wasim – hunting in pairs
Sharmila & Pataudi – beating the odds
Cricket & Eden Gardens – a long journey
Mankad & Roy – record partners

Article written on Cars/Bikes

Chennai`s hurrah to history!

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