Made Up Fun Facts Insulting Donald Trump

This video is a funny take on US President Donald Trump and Americans. Just in case you are wondering, all the funny facts or insults about Americans and Donald Trump in the video are made up.

You don’t need to be from USA to love this insulting video about Donald trump. You will love it either way. But in case you know an American, do share it with them 😉

Here is the script of this funny video on Donald Trump:

– Laptops screens of 95% of Americans are brighter than their future.
– 14% of Americans close their eyes, and flush their toilet hoping Donald Trump will be gone
– There is a 99% chance that Donald Trump Googled “What does a US President do?”
– 22% of Americans skip lunch after reading a news item featuring Donald Trump
– 12% of US Citizens would love to kick Donald Trump in the balls
– Rest 88% of the US citizens would love to lick it instead
– 40% of Americans believe that Indians are aliens
– 20% Americans think Donald Trump is the reincarnation their parents told them about
– 42% of all the news which is made up in USA is made up by Donald Trump
– 88% of the Americans believe that Donald Trump is not a Russian spy.
– 34% of the Americans are excited about their country being renamed USSR, that is United States Serving Russia.
– 74% of Americans believe that if the US Education System is renamed Trump University, the quality of education in the country will improve.
– 51% of Americans believe that Donald Trump is going to rename Air Force One to Hair Force One.
– 15% of Americans believe that Donald Trump hates being the President as much as they hate him being their President
– 32% of the Americans believe that Trump’s election as President has already fixed the immigration issue. Now, nobody wants to get into their great country.
– 26% of Americans believe that two words – President and Trump – don’t go together.
– 16% of Americans believe that Oprah would have made a better US President.
– 96% of the Americans who voted for Donald Trump believe that their President will be able to do what Harrison Ford did when Air Force One got high jacked.
– 51% of Americans believe that Donald Trump will create lots of jobs – mostly for the immigration department.
– 23% of Americans believe that President Donald Trump should approach Ikea for the Mexico wall.
– 62% of the people who voted for Donald Trump believe he is going to make America the biggest exporter of Cheese. After all, he is going to make America grate again.

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