Mission Quit Facebook Addiction

I have realized that I am wasting a lot of my time on Facebook – time that I was otherwise spending pursuing hobbies or with family. Now that the realization has dawned on me, I am trying to wean away from this addiction. Like quitting smoking, this is an attempt. Let us see how I emerge out of it.

I have to see how much Facebook has become part of my life – so no tall promises yet…. have kept a short target for myself: ‘No Facebook till 00.01 am on 18thy May.’

If you do see me online on Facebook, take a print screen and tag me. If you succeed, I will gift you books worth Rs 2000 (this is to force myself to NOT log in).

Till then…I will document my thoughts on quitting Facebook here on this page. If you have a message for me…you can leave a comment here.

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