10 thoughts on “After a long five years…

  1. You seem to be stuck in a jam!
    No problem – take your time finding your way out of it.
    Go on a holiday – chill out.
    Come back when the desire to give expression to your thoughts returns.

  2. is it desparate attempt to get some traffic to your blog :).. m sure your daughter is not grown enough to have written it

  3. thankfully not facing one now.

    but i have a foolproof way to fight writer’s block, right block, left block or any such blocks. and it comes thru experience.

    the best ideas come when u least expect them. like u r hard pressed for time, or u r wid boss at a meeting, or while travelling.

    keep noting them and wen u get time post them on ur blog

  4. Why don’t you just take it easy for a little bit. Maybe a vacation? Perhaps getting tickets for the super bowl coming up. That would get rid of your writers block for sure.

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