Has your father ever chased you around the house to apply that dirty lather (that`s what one thought till one started shaving) on your cheeks? If the answer is no, you would probably not understand the romance involved.

My father was trying on my sisters, and me what he had already tried on my mother. I can imagine her running around the house, but I guess after a few years she got bored and stood still, and probably said: “Mister, how about you just apply the lather on my cheeks and buzz off. I have chores to do.”

As a result, we became our father`s victims. He chased us around every day in the morning and we ran helter-skelter. My sisters would even start crying. When we grew up a little we started noticing the naughty smile on our father`s face even he brushed the lather-laden shaving brush softly on our cheeks. He was a romantic for sure.

When in Grade Eleven, I started shaving and have tried copying my father to the tilt, except maybe for the washing-of-the-brush act.

Recently, when I was in Madurai, my hometown, I tried the trick on my sister. She is a grown up now and did not quite enjoy it. Or maybe, she would find it romantic when her hubby tricks her. As for me, this is all she had to say: “Do that to your wife when you are married!” Guess she is right.

Now, am looking for a romantic who would not mind me chasing her around the house with a shaving brush in my hand. Of course, I could later graduate to the kids. Did I hear you say, like father like son? Thanks.


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