Jokes on Kate Middleton & Prince Williams’ Royal wedding

Before the Royal Wedding

#Know why the Americans will love the Royal Wedding? Because they don’t have Royalty and the closest they can come to a Royal wedding will be when Larry King marries Queen Latifa! (Said by Jay Leno)

#Prince Charles is over the moon at the news of Prince Williams engagement. He said “I can’t believe my only son is finally getting married. (Just in case you didn’t know, it is rumored that Charles isn’t Prince Harry’s father)

#Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally engaged and soon to be married. Everyone seems pretty happy, apart from Diana, who is said to be crushed. (Rude one, I know)

#Prince William is marrying Kate Middleton. Apparently she’s not even pregnant – is Prince William in his right mind?

#The effects of spending tax payers money on the royal wedding during the recessionary period has already started showing. One day before the wedding, people had already started sleeping on the roads opposite Buckingham palace.

During the Royal Wedding

#The Royal Wedding, live on The Royal Honeymoon, live on

After the Royal Wedding

#What did Williams and Kate do immediately after coming home? They logged into their Facebook page and changed their status to ‘married’.

#A special program on India TV immediately after the Royal Wedding: “Kya Kate Middleton doodh leke kamre mein jaegi? (Translation: Will Kate Middleton take the milk and enter the room?)

#Prince Williams wed in front of 2 Billion people, closed an entire country, drove through London in an Aston Martin. Full marks to him – he better be getting sex tonight.

#With the marriage, I guess Kate Middleton redefined the phrase ‘Royally Fucked.’

#Kate Middleton has said she is devastated she never got to meet Diana. If Williams is like his father, it won’t be long Kate!

#Kate Middleton’s dress has brought tears to the eyes of countless children across the world. As now they are forced to work extra hours to make sure the replicas are available in top bridal stores by Monday.

#The most Hilarious picture from the Royal Wedding.


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