Shopping malls are funny places…

Did you know that the concept of shopping malls came up as early as the 1950s. Did you know that the biggest shopping mall is in Alberta, Canada …a place where I actually have an old …long lost friend called Jaron Rovensky (more on this dude soon). Did you know that some shopping malls being built today have skiing facilities? Did you know that in another ten years, seven of the largest shopping malls in the World will be in China!

We all live a consumerist life. We buy things not because we need it but because they are there to be bought. Funny. But that`s what life is…funny.

Here in this picto-mour (picture humor), we present the humor within shopping malls. So next time you are shopping with your husband, wife, kids or grand-parents….remember to look around and laugh. At least give away a smile.


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