Taj Mahal – from Agra to Pune

It seems long back two jobless residents of Pune decided to bring Taj mahal to their town. Their logic was simple …push the Taj in the right direction all night and sleep during day time. In ten days time…the Taj would be in Pune.

On their first day (rather night) at work they started pushing the Taj Mahal from behind. After half an hour they were all sweaty and decided to remove their shirts and drop it on the ground.

The whole night they toiled. After all, they had to push the Taj Mahal to Pune and didn`t have much time.

They stopped pushing at 4 a.m., for the fear of being spotted. But they couldn`t find their shirts at the spot…somebody had already stolen their shirts.

“Shucks…somebody has stolen our shirts!” exclaimed the intelligent one.

The not-so-intelligent one replied: “Stupid…it is just that we have pushed the Taj a long way…and we need to walk back to the place where we had actually dropped them”

All this happened in the pre-computer era. Today`s technology allows us to just drag the Taj Mahal from Agra to Pune.
Don`t believe me? Click Here to view the transfer.

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