Ten things you will never hear your husband say

– I like you in those tight-fitting jeans.
– Looks like you didn`t wax your hands.
– I just called up your father.
– May I do the dishes?
– Why don`t you call me at work?
– Everybody liked the lunch I carried with me today.
– My mother wasn`t as good a cook as you are.
– If you have a headache, that`s fine. I can understand.
– Let me take you out for an ice-cream.
– What does your mother like?

Note: Add more if you can….


One thought on “Ten things you will never hear your husband say

  1. Why dont you invite your parents over for lunch? maybe they could stay till dinnertime?

    Forget the kitchen, let’s go out for some fine food!

    Headache? Its OK honey, i am not all that blue… here’s an aspirin?

    Let’s go shopping… you need some new clothes… jewellery

    Where’s that grocery list dear? Let me get them on my way back home

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