ibibo starts advertising on Television

ibibo has started advertising on television! Yes…the rumors you had come across were true. The first commercial hit the television sets on Monday (December 17)…and the response so far has been good.

The team behind ibibo’s first commercial is the one that came up with the famous (and funny) Naukri commercial. Remember the ‘H-A-R-I S-A-D-U commercial?

Just in case, you haven’t yet spotted the ibibo commercial on TV…

Having problems viewing the commercial on this page? Why don’t you click here: http://www.ibibo.com/commercial/


6 thoughts on “ibibo starts advertising on Television

  1. do you mean to say that people who dont talk are buckets ; ohho vey bad taste ibibo ;

    i would suggest some stubborn man sitting in front who does not talk rather than bucket

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