Buying a Microwave oven

Yesterday, we bought a microwave oven! Yes, sixty-two years after the technology was invented, sixty-one years after it was patented and sixty years after the first microwaves hit the market….we bought one for ourselves. I know…we haven’t really been keeping up with the Jones…but then, in India…isn’t it about keeping up with the Agarwals? This article is a must read if you own a microwave oven or you don’t!

Father vs mother

In the last few days Rekha and I have been on warpath. Domestic terrorism, if you want to call it so. Being the mother that she is, she has been trying to get my daughter to say ‘amma.’ In case you didn’t know…‘amma’ in Tamil means mother. That wouldn’t be much of an issue if I wasn’t trying to get my daughter to say ‘appa’ at the earliest. By the way, ‘appa’ means father in Tamil.

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