A sales pitch

While having a smoke at 8 p.m. today evening, I wondered if somebody didn`t leave a will, will it be called “won`t”?

If I boil the hell out of water, will I manage to make it holy water?

If Jesus was working on a Winword file, is there a chance that he might lose the data he was working on? Guess not…for Jesus Saves.

Now that I have put you in the right frame of mind…here is a sales pitch. I am looking for a designer who can help me design my website http://ouchmytoe.com (currently it is a hurried job) and html-izing it too. Needless to say, I won`t be able to pay in cash…but will reciprocate in kind. I will display a huge credit on my site for as long as I use your design. “Big deal,” you might think and if you do, let me know the options.

Note: http://ouchmytoe.com is on its way up. Help me now and I assure my steadfast support in the days to come.

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