I am not the puking type…

Only recently I came to know that there are a few die-hard asexual people who get an orgasm by puking. I promise, I am not making this up.

Was just wondering, what would be a porn movie equivalent for them? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Or perhaps a garbage bin. We would never know, until one of you pukers leaves a comment.

Actually, I am pretty close to becoming a puker. You don`t believe me? Try out on of these things, I do in my daily life….

1) Try working out the nuances of a married life
2) Try speaking to a few marketing/sales guys in my office
3) Try visiting my loo. You could piss, shit and before you leave…you would puke too.
4) Try shopping with a girl you cannot afford to insult or kill. I once puked due to de-hydration.
5) Or for that matter, read my blog.


One thought on “I am not the puking type…

  1. i agree dude…. ive seen some good articles on ur blog.. and ive seen some bad.. but nothing reeks of pure crass like this one…
    please stop!

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