Eating Out – Comedy of Errors

Indu Balachandran, a real comedy writer (like me), has come up with an amazing article on dinning out. Please don’t miss it for the World. Like me…Indu is also an Economics student.

Unlike me, she has won a Gold medal in journalism, worked in an ad agency, bungee-jumped at Bali, white-water-rafted in the Ganga, danced like Zorba the Greek in Crete, stood speechless inside the Pyramid at Egypt…blah blah blah.

Whine and dine

BEFORE marriage, the three best words a couple loves to hear from each other are “I Love You”. Later, the three best words are probably “Let’s Eat Out”.

With new speciality restaurants popping up like mushrooms — in fact, I heard one opened last week called Mushroom Mania — there are so many new exciting ways to eat, without having a pile of dishes to wash up later. And eating out can be enjoyed in such fine combinations of activity these days — buy books and eat, watch a play and eat, enjoy a movie and eat, go bowling and eat…

But, I must say one combination seemed a bit suspicious to me. This was a petrol station with a restaurant attached. A board outside announced, “You can eat here, and get gas”. Read More


11 thoughts on “Eating Out – Comedy of Errors

  1. Mehak: I missed the story in today’s newspaper….Rekha read it and asked me to take a look. She said it “precisely described” our experiences while eating out. Now, it turns out you and hubby also indulge in the same tomfoolery!

  2. Jammy thats the case with everyone .. you pay more and have a miniscule ..

    I missed the article, nice of you to put it up in ur ouch!!!!!!

  3. somewhere joe: awesome line, I should say. If Shakesphere had been alive…he would have walked in and ordered a Bread Upon Avon!

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