Ouchmytoe Recommends

Ouchmytoe Recommends is a new category being started just because I have nothing much to do.

TWISTED DNA happens to be the first blog Ouchmytoe Recommends. If you love Ouchmytoe`s style of writing, you will definitely like Twisted DNA. Come on now…give him some page views…will you?

Some of his favorite posts: * My friend and his opinion of a wife | * 10 Kinds of Saree Wearers | * Those sexy, supple, white things | * Craptastic! | * I plead guilty of living in the US


8 thoughts on “Ouchmytoe Recommends

  1. hmmm… i guess im the only person to differ in opinion here… but i found him quite bland and not the least your style.. The diff is, he is *trying* to be funny, while i feel u naturally are. Please dont compare your writing to his… yours is way better!

    Not a godd recommendation if you ask me.


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