Pick your topic

Here is your chance – on which of the below given topics would you want me to write?

  • Dentists and their sessions
  • Divorce – reasons and consequences
  • My good old neighbors

    If you want me to write on more than one topic, please prioritize.

    Update: To arrive at a quantitative number so that I could decide the popular choice, 5 points were given to the first choice, 3 points to the second and 1 to the third. Here is the scoreline –
    • Neighbor – 52
    • Dentist – 33
    • Divorce – 29

    The outright winner is ‘My Good old neighbors’. I would have written about it had it not been a slight rising of the stakes by Santosh who wants the article to be on a ‘divorced neighbor who is also a dentist’. Quite a challenge. Or does it make it easy?

    nAL, I agree with you that divorce is not funny but it is a secret source for a lot of humor. Don’t believe me…ask Mark Twain who once said "The secret source of humour is not joy, but sorrow. There is no humour in heaven."

    For humor from within a hospital while I was taking care of my father, click here. He passed away two months later.

    Will try and have the article up tomorrow by 8 a.m. IST.

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    36 thoughts on “Pick your topic

    1. It HAS to be dentists. I’m already dreading my visit to be and a lil humor would do me some good…. or at least I hope it would :-/ (See? I’m shit scared)

    2. dentists visits (i had one recently in sydney and want to compare notes), then divorce and then the neighbours.

    3. Jammy, only yesterday I met my dentist… Have to undergo a small surgery.. so keep dentist in the last… before that divorce and first about the ever interesting neighbours…

    4. this is what happens when a hyperactive souls waits impatiently for a blog… but sure, it does increase ur comments baggage…
      cudnt call up .. was caught up in a meeting( waanna show to the world that i am busy).. just cud message rekha…

    5. Chriz: Sorry man…had to spend last evening with a dentist neighbour of mine who is going thro’ a bad phase. His wife just divorced him…and I had to have a drink with him and provide moral support. The article is coming soon, mate

    6. Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
      I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
      God will appreciate it.

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