Baby Daughter’s Birth – Day one

The word has spread and all the nurses have ganged up against me in order to save Rekha her husband. This is the problem with today`s World – news travels fast. Esp, news of somebody being a flirt.

My sense of humor didn`t help me either when I met my match in ‘Sister` Rosa Kutty (not the twin sister of Indian middle distance runner of the 90s).

“Sister, can you tell me how you differentiate between a boy and a girl when they are born?” I asked in an attempt to get closer to her.

She replied as if she had practiced the reply a 100 times before: “That`s simple. We just wrap the baby in a soft, white, cotton cloth and if he looks like an angel in it…it is a boy and if she looks like an angel in it, it is a girl.”

Moral of the Story: Never trust your sense of humor to take you anywhere.

Thanks to the baby daughter…we Rajans have achieved many firsts –

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  • A lady who always called herself ‘A` and who has anonymously left comments on Ouchmytoe for the last 3 years or so… revealed her identity, today. (Discussion about her identity has spiced up our dinner many a times. Primarily because Rekha uses very little of spice and salt while cooking)
  • The Rajans have never received a call from Australia congratulating them on the birth of a baby. Probably because they have never had a baby before. Today, Ramadas Mannattil – a regular reader and friend called us from Down Under.
  • The Rajans have never received so many comments in a single day. On earlier occasions, 40 comments would have meant 20 stupid replies to beef up the number….but not today Sire.
  • Never before has anybody called from New Delhi and asked what the Rajans wanted as a gift for their new born. Again, probably because before 12 noon on 29th March the Rajans didn`t have a child. Please note that we quickly said ‘We don`t want anything` ‘We don`t want anything` and ‘we don`t want anything` and then in the same breath said “Why don`t you send us a white, cotton mosquito net?”. The Rajans always refuse thrice before accepting anything. A loop-hole left in Rajan`s mother`s diktat: ‘Whenever anybody give you something to eat, always refuse thrice before accepting it. Don`t rush for it.”
  • As of now the most photogenic person in the family is our little daughter but before her arrival the Rajans didn`t have anybody. The most photogenic person in the family before 12 noon, 29 March was uncle Subramanian who still steps in for Babloo the bear in Wandalur Zoo, Chennai whenever the original gets a stomach upset.

    Post Script: Rekha is getting discharged from the post-operative ward tomorrow. If anybody wants to wish her, you can reach her at 09884391220 after 1 p.m. IST. I am sure she would love to hear from you. I am not giving my mobile number because I didn`t do much except for standing on a stool and clapping as the baby emerged out of the operation theatre.

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