Rekha and I are proud parents of a baby girl

Today – 29th March 2007 – at 12 noon my wife gave birth to a baby girl. Now I know why babies are considered a bundle of joy – they come wrapped as a bundle in a white, soft, cotton wrap-around (doesn`t look as good on the baby girl as it does on other 18 year olds) for which I was asked to pay later – Rs 40.

It wasn`t a normal delivery. She was born via a C-section operation, where β€˜C` stands for Caesarean. Legend has it that Caesar`s mother delivered him thus but there are doubts over the same. Read more about Caesarean deliveries.

I was just thinking about Caesarean deliveries – kind of different. If one were to look for an example in day to day living…it is like choosing to walk out of the window when the door is still available. Simple.

RSS Feed IconThis incident has made me realize that childbirth is the only time one visits the hospital in a happy frame of mind. Doctors are an exclusion to this rule – why wouldn`t one be happy making money?

Rekha is still under observation. I am told that`s routine after a C-section. I am not complaining for it gives me ample time to mingle with the pretty nurses. Pity, one is forced to addressed them as “Sister”. I did try a Johnny Bravo line on one of the nurses. I walked up to her and said: “You smell kind of pretty. Want to smell me?”

She gave me a stare. Then smiled at me before saying: “Sure. First, let me clean the gooey mess you daughter has delivered on our operation table.”

Just when I was making some headway, the gynecologist walked into the scene. I have a feeling the nurses are not allowed to flirt with the patrons, for the nurse ignored me thereafter.

I did look thro` the glass window of the Isolation Ward (they could have chosen a better name – it is as if Rekha had been abducted by the aliens) and whispered “I love you,” to Rekha. She in turn said something which I couldn`t hear. When I called my hands and legs to the rescue and conveyed to her that I didn`t understand, she asked the nurse to write something in a paper and hand it over to me. It was the nurse I had flirted with, so I gave my million dollar smile as I took the piece of paper from her hand.

The piece of paper said: “Now you have got what you have always wanted – a second woman in your life. You better behave.”

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at or message him at +919650080255.

71 replies on “Rekha and I are proud parents of a baby girl”

Jammy and Mrs. Rekha,

Firstly congratz a lot!

She is sooooo cute … sorry yaar Jammy, nazar lag gayi! πŸ˜› !

Now on her, my recommendations can be ::

Jyotsna, Jiya, etc.

Congratz again!

My blessings which little princess! πŸ™‚

Jammy and Rekha, Congrats..

The baby looks very cute.. You are going to have a tough time keeping the boys away from her πŸ™‚

Jimmy you seem to be excited to be in the hospital for reasons other than your baby..

hey jammy …congtratzzzz … sweet kid …very cute !!!…u shudn’t b takin 2 many pics tho … shoot em frm a distance if u must … ria,naina,prerna n maitreyi 2 suggest a few ..

Hi Jammy and Rekha,

Congratulations. Thats wonderful news.

The baby looks very cute. And man.. the post is going to hit the top of your list.

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! πŸ™‚

And Jammy, I’m not surprised that you can find humor even in the hospital.. @”Sister” ——-> LOL!

You baby looks very very cute. And like Rekha says (or tried to say) I think its about time you started behaving πŸ˜‰

God Bless the lil gurl!

oodles of congrats! wondering what if all had been male nurses, remember watching a TV show of that sort. I can visualise you cupping your hands in your chin like the downcast defeated Indian team. Still, the little baby is so cute. Hope your joy is going through the roof. And, better behave as Rekha says man!! Keep your pranks aside..for sometime though?

Congrats. God bless the kid and both of you. I’ve been quietly enjoying reading this blog since it was nominated on indibloggies. But I had to comment on something as wonderful as this.

Congrates man. she is really cute. she look very much like rekha than you. hope she gets the habits like you…

i am really happy for you and rekha.. congrates once again..

Hey Rekhs & Jammy…CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lil angel is sooooooooooooo cute….feel like pulling her cheeks rgt away :p

We need more updates & pics.

Hey Jammy and Rekha !!

Congrats !! Definitely she is a bundle of joy !! πŸ™‚ ..

Take care !!

I can’t but help calling you a “kutte ki dhum” .. Aap kabhi nahi sudhrenge !!

So Jammy, The other woman has come.. Better Be Careful… Wishing the entire Family of Jammy a Happy time…

Rajan, Alas! Rekha’s Wish has been granted…May be God is a bit Partial… Isnt it?

Wish Rekha a Speedy Recovery! Do post her photos as well. We would liek to see the Mom too …

Hey one more thing Man… Rekha Jr. is tooooooooooooo cute…..


cute kid(im just sayin this, dont see a photo of ur kid anywhere!!, my company mustve blocked it!)

another nice name…vasundhara…

Well Done!! I was hoping you would have a girl. You see, I have a boy, just turned 7, very smart boy, sure to be in a good job later in life.

Let me know when you would like them to meet.

Rekha, you go girl!!!!

hey jammy and rekha

goods show

i mean


the real stuff begins now

we should have bets on how much the baby is going to affect your blogginng

and while babies are cute may i suggest that a whole post on your babies habit on peeing on you and your keyboard does not count as cute. this is in advance.

age age dekho hota hai kya

hope you will take proper health precautions for the child, remember feeding bottles are BAD and vaccines are a MUSt, pardon the doctor in me


congrats rajan…
u did it again( did i just say AGAIN?)…
goin thru ur blog fer quite a while very QUIETLY..
now will we have another member added in ur daily scripts?.. keep writing.. way way way to gooooooo

πŸ™‚ Atlast, a grand prize!!. Congrats to You & Rekha. I hope you gonna give a sensible name to the child. πŸ™‚

Pic(2, 2) looks as if she’s winking at you. πŸ˜› Good Signs, Jammy! πŸ˜€

Congratulations guys…

As somebody who became a father of a girl just two months ago, i can totally relate to your feelings man.

Welcome to sleepless nights. But as my friend aptly put it….”there’s no one else in the whole wide world that i would rather be up for in the middle of the night”.

I am sure you have heard enough horror stories about kids so I won’t go there. Believe you me, one smile from your kid…makes it worth all the troubles in the world. (I might revisit that thought in a few months time though:-)

Way to go. You proved yourself as a man! Wow. Congrats. So when is the next one due? Phew! That was quick. I thought you guys got married only two months ago? DidnÒ€ℒt you?

congrats jammy ! ur wife gave the best comment, no one can say anything better πŸ™‚

hi jammy
love all ur posts, but this one takes the cake!
wishing u and rekha all the very best,love to the newborn. so btw what r u naming her, surely a post on this will follow!

Congrats jammy. convey my regards to Rekha also.
Photos are really very very cute. resembling the photo at top right corner of your blog πŸ˜‰
What is the name of the baby?
Yet meet the astrologer?
Hope you are enjoying playing with the cute little angel.

congrats! she is sooooo amazingly cute!
hope she grows up to have the same sense of humour as her proud parents!

I just heard about this today.

Congrats to you two, Rekha and Rajan!!!
Best wishes to the new Vavakutty.

ur baby is really a sweet little princess.she has been a great gift to ur wife,as she has made her tension free by keeping u busy.
my good wishes for u all.

i would be a lil late to congratulate u …but nevertheless !!!

Love reading your posts they r truly hilarious and man you have a sense of humor…… i m sure Rekha must b thrilled to have you make her smile all the time !!!

I m your khaitan !!!!

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