Have you realized that when you shave you don`t save? When you shave you spend so much of your money on the costly twin blades that there is no chance of you saving. And if you decide to save…shaving becomes a impossibility because the local barber charges anywhere between Rs 10 and Rs 50 for a single shave. Of course there are season passes, but that story is for later.

Some people buy helmets for the safety aspect. But most buy helmets because the visor saves them from pollution. I say, go for the visor…but also turn wiser and use your helmets for safety purposes. Visor…wiser..sounds good huh?

Have you realized that the colder the climate is the colder the water from the tap will be? Just when it is hot, and you are aspiring for some chilled water to cool you down…the water is hot. And when it is cold outside and you want to take a hot water bath…the taps give you cold water. Lessons for life 😉

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