Science is funny

Science is funny. Don`t believe me? I thought as much. After all, a few (including you) believe that the ability to make somebody laugh is an art and not science. And if science was funny…wouldn`t humor be science? Confused?

Take this friend of mine – a neutron – for example. He went to a pub to order a drink, and when it was the time to pay the cheque, the bartender refused to accept any money saying: “Sir, for you…no charge.” (got the joke?)

Not knowing why the bartender refused to take any money from him, this neutron friend of mine came out of the pub. Just outside, he came across a very drunk atom.

Like all of us who drink, these two drunks, started talking.

An upset neutron told the atom: “They refused to take any money from me.”

Atom enquired “Why?”

Neutron: “Don`t know man. I am sure there is something fishy happening here.”

Atom: “I also have this feeling. As soon as I came to this pub, I lost an electron.”

Neutron: “What? You lost an electron?”

Atom: “Yes”.

Neutron: “That`s really sad man. Are you sure?”

Atom: “Yes, I am positive!”

All those who didn`t get the joke, please refer your class X biology text book. Oops…did I just try changing the subject?

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