Put words into my daughter’s mouth

It has been 22 days since my last blog post on February 1. I have been kept busy by my colleagues at ibibo.com …so nothing to complain there.

On the personal front, Rhea has started getting super-active and it hurts to leave her playing by herself and sit in front of the laptop to write a blog post.

In the last two months, media has been happy with me too. Here are some media mentions worth sharing:

1) Interview with Digimouth (where surprise of all surprises, I get labeled as India`s funniest blogger!)

2) Anusha Parthasarthy interviewed me for The Hindu and titled it ‘Jamming with Jammy.` To see the interview visit Page 3 of this e-paper. Click Here

3) A Deccan Chronicle correspondent quotes me in a story on niche networks. Click Here

4) Quoted at midcareers.com, for taking up jobs that aren`t related at all. From sports journalist, to Corporate communications person, to now community builder on the internet (some serious stuff). Click Here

Anyway, that`s all the boring stuff. Now, let us get back to business….can you put words into my daughter`s mouth.

See how creative you can get and put words into the speech bubble in the photograph below. Will announce the best during my next post…and if the winner is fine with it, will courier him/her my favourite book: Catcher in the Rye!

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By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at jv.rajan@gmail.com or message him at +919650080255.

38 replies on “Put words into my daughter’s mouth”


I think a two year kid would not say anything more than this, her innocent eyes are eager to go out as fast as possible…

Dear Jammy

Congrajulations for all your achievements 🙂 we wish u soon publish a book

Rhea: My great Papa, please take out some time for me too… lets go for a long drive

satyamurthy jee have u not read : to be nice, keep it clean, stay on topic, no spam etc etc… how can a 2 year old child think such things, after they reach 7-8 years they think they shd hv brother or sister…

now that i have locked all the funny books daddy has, let me see where he gets the idea for his next blog post.

later – aah so this is why he was clicking my snap…see i told you he would’nt get any nice idea for a blog post. daddy, i won! so when do i get my new pink dress?

“Wow, daddy, you say all I have to do is hold these keys and make a cute face and I get that Dora Kitchen? Look at all those sucker Uncle-Aunties trying their lame guesses – they actually think they’ll get your CatcherInTheRye! Gosh, it’s working – and it’s worth keeping the straight face!:D”


1. Wha..don’t you see the resemblance with Penelope Pitstop

2. Ermm.. who put the big ogre with a camera in front of my pink cadillac

i expected a better answer from MR./MS. PRG

PRG writes very precise to the point 🙂

So Raj pl tell us what Rhea said……… eager to know 🙂

“Daddy I’ll speak whatever you want me to .. but please don’t send Shweta “Catcher in the Rye” 🙂

Rhea :”Appa, ena paakuringa, mudinja indha key ah vangidunga..
olunga enaku ice cream vangi kuduthinga ‘na dhan, indha key
ah kodupen..!!!”

Jammy : ???!!!

P.S: Non tamil readers, for you

Rhea: “Papa, unless you get ice cream for me, you cant get this key
from me..!!”

Jammy: ???!!!

Приветствую всех

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