Ouchmytoe soon to be a book!

Successful book? I can`t commit yet. But I certainly hope so.

Does this mean I quit my job and sit at my desk every morning at 7 a.m. with a hot cup of Assam tea and bang my keyboard? Or do I juggle both the hats till the book (any suggestions for the title?) is a success and I make it big. Perhaps, hob-nobbing with the likes of Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, Anita Desai and Sania Mirza. No, Sania is not a writer.

What are the possible consequences of the book being a success, I ask myself. Pity, I can only wonder.

Will India wake up one fine Sunday to my interview on the Sunday Supplement`s front page? Will the Radio Jockey Michi Suchi finally say, β€˜Hey, today we have with us Jammy of Ouchmytoe.com. For those who don`t know…I once worked with him. Think it was year 2000!”

Will Karan Thapar host me on Hard Talk and push me to a corner? Like all the Hindi heros, I will get pushed around initially…and then with my quick wit and humor, emerge victorious. The next day, people will be heard talking about my Hard Talk interview near the water coolers. They would perhaps be saying: “Did you see how Jammy made an ass of Karan Thapar? I am glad somebody could give it back to Thapar, eventually.”

After the first book succeeds, will I be provided black cat security while writing the second book? I heard JK Rowling got that kind of security…or did she get the black cat security because she was writing about magic and witches?

Groucho Marx once said of a book: “From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.” I don`t know which author and which book Groucho Marx was talking about…but I sure hope nobody echoes the same sentiments about my book, which will be published by new and upcoming Wensor Publishing.

I know the awesome dude Sidin who writes at http://sidin.blogspot.com/ got his book published. Is there a second…or will it be a podium finish for me?

PS: The negotiations are still on. While I trust this will go the full distance….we all have heard of Jammy`s law of agreements which is – “No agreement is 100% complete till both the parties have sighed!”

What are you waiting for, wish me luck. Pity luck should rhyme with…

By Jamshed V Rajan

Jammy, as Jamshed V Rajan is affectionately called, is a wannabe stand up comedian. He has a funny take on most things but documents only some of them. If you are interested in chatting up with him, do drop him an email at jv.rajan@gmail.com or message him at +919650080255.

24 replies on “Ouchmytoe soon to be a book!”

isn’t it funny, soft-copy titans still need hard-copy presence to be in ‘the league’.

congrats jammy and best of luck. new and upcoming wensor will finally come up once they have your book contract signed. we are waiting anxiously.

special congrats to rekha. she has been your muse, your alter ego and the lead actor in a lot of your posts.

ouchmytoe is a good enough title. build the brand.

and allow me to deflate you…
you will not be meeting vikram seth and co, at least not right away. your most formidable competition is the great sardar himself – khushwant singh. sales and book signing will not be at landmark. it will be at wheelers, chennai central.

karan thapar will not grill you, not so soon. you will be a special guest on laughter challenge IV.

sunday supplement..hmmm… maybe. ‘holi’ supplement, for sure. every year.

once again, congrats to both and best of luck.

Congrats!! Jammy.

All the best on this new assignment. You will surely succedd on this. One request will be, continue keeping humour on the top of your list.

Vazhtikal Jammy! All the best.

I read in your interview at Gaurav’s blog that the high point in your blogging might be when u publish a book. Ahh… dreams taking shape now…

Congrats jammy.. there is no need to search for another title.. nothing can come closer to “Ouch My Toe”.

I hope I’ll get a mention in the list of people u’ll dedicate this book to.. afterall i gave u this idea loooooong time back.. and if that is not enough, i have been reading ur blogs and “appreciating” them.. to make u belive that ur book will be a bestseller whenever released. lolll…

hey hey… i mean it… i am serious…

Jammy You are a class apart! Your book will definitely break records. Dont forget to send me a copy…All charges borne by the sender! πŸ™‚
BTW who is gonna be your publisher? I heard its Penguin!

Congrats!! Jammy..

N tx so much for sharing the news with me.. FIRST..

You are a rockstar and ur book will ROCK!! wish you all the v best. do well. god bless.

great news dude… i know its gonna be a bestseller…
wishing all the very best…

[one (unsolicited) peice of advise though… if you are targetting indian readers then make sure its in the 100-150 price range(chetan bhagat style)… otherwise piracy may end up screwing your ratings… and moolah… ]

Dont know if Karan Tapar will invite you for an interview…
But surely you could be invited for a coffee with Karan…

All the best!

So will the comments on ur blogs which probably is the best thing to read in ur site be a part of ur book??? ;-))

I will buy the first copy of the book, if pirated copy is available with a railway vendor boy along with chandamama, jhansi ki rani, sherni ka badla, etc. They sell more than your crosswords.(words or swords?) reason being people go there to read, romance, chat, talk, visit anything but buying a book.

I am not a free suggestionist, but this time it is an exception. Advertise through mass contact program with the potential vendors (not tea, but books) through visiting N number of stations on ‘Chalu’ ticket. After all everybody can not become a travel writer. The way you finish up your first few business deals, you make way for the second one (travel writing). Royalities will keep flowing though delivered by delivery boy.

That is some news mate ! It has all the trappings for success. Humble beginnings. Hard work. Great success. “I worked my butt off for this” interviews ! You have all the results panned out !

I am going to be keenly watching this space !!!

All the best maamu!! Will you also include the great ‘comments’ me and the wrong one have made on every single of your entries??!! Or will that be competition??! hehehehee!!! Keep rocking!! errr.. writing!!

Hey Jammy,

I’ve been following your blogs for quite sometime. Whenever I am free I would visit your website and ‘ouch my toe’. Really, your blog rocks.

All the best for what you want in the future. I shall definitely treat myself with a copy of your book.


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