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Ibibo, the company I work for, has re-launched Call4Free.

Call4Free is a service that allows you to call, sms or leave a voice mail for your friend absolutely free. Yes! You read it right….absolutely free! To use Call4Free the only condition is that both you and your friends need to be registered members of ibibo. Sign Up Rightaway

I know you have loads of question on how Call4Free is possible, and how to go about calling for free….and that`s why I am reproducing the Call4Free FAQs as is:

What is Call for Free?

Call for Free links your phone to your ibibo account, so you can start calls – or hear from callers – all over India while keeping your existing phone number private. The service also enables you to send and receive SMSs and voicemail.

Who can call, SMS or leave voicemail for me?

Only your ibibo friends can do any of those. (Your ibibo friends are those whom you have added as friends, or whose friendship requested you have accepted, on If you don’t want to receive calls, SMSs or vociemail from a specific person, please ensure they are not on your friends’ list.

How much does it cost?

All calls, SMSs and voicemail are completely free for both sender and receiver. You start with a limit of 5 calls you can make per calendar month. Each call can last up to 2 minutes. You can add more calls by inviting new people to join Call for Free. For each person who accepts, you will get 1 extra call.

However, if you send a SMS directly from your phone you will be billed for the SMS according to the rate charged by your mobile service operator for value-added services.

Do I have to listen to advertisements?

Yes. In order to keep Call for Free completely free, ibibo will serve three forms of advertising to you when you make a call, send or receive voicemail, and receive SMSs. These are: an advertisement you can listen to; an advertisement you can see on your computer screen; and an SMS offer.

Can I choose not to receive calls or SMSs at specific times?

Sure. You can choose the ‘Not taking calls’ and/or “Not taking SMS’ option, and no one can call you or SMS while they stay on. When you’re ready to take calls and/or SMSs again, you can choose the ‘Taking calls’ and/or ‘taking SMS’ option.

Please note:
* All mobile numbers will be kept completely private! ibibo will never ever share them with anyone.
* SMS charges applicable as per operator VAS SMS rates.
* Enrolling for these services means ‘opting in’ for receiving calls and SMSs.

Join ibibo now and Call4Free

By Jamshed V Rajan

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