Everybody vs IIPM

This is the latest update from the Blog World. And it is big.

Phase 1

Editor of the JAM magazine for youth Rashmi Bhansal writes an article on IIPM`s tall claims in its print advertisements.

The three different parts of the article were – The Rankings | The Degree | The Placements

Phase 2

Gaurav Sabnis an IIM Almuni working for IBM links the article on IIPM`s tall claims in its print advertisements from his Blog and sounds out.

Phase 3

IIPM`s legal dept sends a ‘judicially notarized` and ‘tagged to validate receipt and response` mail to Rashmi Bhansal and Gaurav Sabnis and asks them to take back their words and apologise.

On the same day a few Blogs pop-up supporting IIPM. A few suspect that it could be IIPM itself trying to control damage…a few others believe them to be genuine IIPM supporters.

Wonder if IIPM has seen this post by God-knows-who who has a Blog titled “The Truth About IIPM”

IIPM also sends notice to Varna, a blogger who supports Gaurav Sabnis` cause.

Phase 4

Gaurav Sabnis resigns from IBM. According to his this post he did so because he did not want IIPM to carry out its threat of burning IBM ThinkPads in front of his IBM office.

Gaurav Sabnis` professor at his Management School jumps in for his student and comes up with a post in which he calls Arindam Chaudhuri a conman. He is yet to get a legal notice.

Desi Pundit comes up with an exhaustive time line of the incident…

Phase 5

Watch this Blog for some more kickboxing!

By Jamshed V Rajan

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